Lori Nitzel


Plenty of Felines

Plenty of Felines is a matchmaking website created for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic. Its aim is to match potential adopters with their perfect feline companion so that homeless cats can find their ideal forever homes. Built with HTML/CSS (Bootstrap), Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Angular, and Waterline.

The Game of Real Life

A Galvanize group project based on the classic “Game of Life” but with a cynical twist. Allows for multiple players and is deployed as an Electron application. Built with HTML/CSS (Bootstrap), Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Angular, jQuery and Electron. APIs incorporated are The Guardian and BuzzLogic (for sentiment analysis).

Galvanize Ping Pong League

This web application was also a Galvanize group project. It allows a ping pong player/user to create a profile, enter ping pong game stats, and see their rank amongst other players based on wins and losses. It was built using HTML/CSS (Bootstrap), Node, Express, PostgreSQL, and the Reddit and Slack APIs.

My Dream Holiday Cottage

“My Dream Holiday Cottage” is a real estate application that allows users to combine their interest in rural, historical properties in the United Kingdom with local weather patterns. The project uses HTML/CSS and Bootstrap for design, and jQuery/Ajax for data acquisition and document manipulation. APIs incorporated are Zoopla and WorldWeatherOnline.